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We don’t have a marketing budget but we do have a giving budget. Since day one, it’s been our commitment to help great projects, causes and organisations that don’t have the resources to create a bigger impact in the world. This is beyond a token gesture. In fact 60% of Matt’s time is dedicated to creating this change.

A digital illustration showing two people working together to position the sun in the sky within a landscape. One person is sitting on the shoulders of another, reaching up to place the sun in place with their hands.

Business and Industry support

We continue to offer guidance and support to a variety of organisations in a number of ways. Everything from B corp advice to cultural transformation.

Last year accounted over 160 hours support. This year was less (100 hours) as Matt was on sabbatical for 6 months (although he didn’t stop during that period).

Grant for Good

Every year we invest at least 5% of our turnover in pro-bono hours to environmental and social projects through our Grant for Good. In 2021 this amounted to 6.4% of our turnover (the previous year’s was 7%) which is a value of £38,194.

Projects supported this year include:

Really Good Beers

Brand and packaging design for climate fighting beer brand

Blue Meadows

Brand strategy, website fundraising platform for scalable solutions to seagrass reforestation

Hidden Scars

Brand strategy and brand application for an organisation that focuses on sharing the power of letting go and helping people through the process of forgiving